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Welcome to the RealtimeTrace project

RealtimeTrace is a .Net library you can use in any of your .Net project.
By using and implementing RealtimeTrace you will have the following benefits :
  • Track any error at execution time in your .Net application;
  • Track any error in the release build without the Trace being enabled ;
  • Store any error and its context (ie : the values of any members,variables or objects used around the Exception Event) in a data storage provider for later analysis ;
  • Have a tool to diagnose and locate the error in source code, even when the application is deployed and running on a production machine ;
  • Track and correct any bug that cannot be reproduced on a development machine ;
  • Have a tool to measure how buggy or how stable your application is ;
  • Deliver an error-free application at the first release ;
  • Build industrial application that will need almost no support at all.

As you might imagine, developping this library is a chalenging task since all above benefits must apply to RealtimeTrace itself.
Hopefully, this library has been designed to have almost zero-impact on your source code, zero-impact on your deployment, and zero-bug on your deployed software.

Have a look to the Sample available as a download in the Releases Tab.
You will see how easy it is to use this library in your source code.

I designed and enhanced this library for the .Net platform since now three years.
I use this library in all my .Net projects and it is running in critical applications running 24 hours and 7/7 on customers site.
It saves me a lot of time when programming and when deploying.
Believe it or not, thanks to RealtimeTrace, the time spent to support and correct software in production is almost zero.

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